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Bull of Heaven


Diane Pfeffer, Realtor - My first choice for residential real estate agent without exception or reservation. Call me and I shall wax poetic on her endless list of virtues and qualities. She is an agent with the Los Gatos office of Alain Pinel Realtors, and so much more.

Shady Shakespeare - They produce free "Shakespeare in the Park." Good productions, lovely people, wonderful times, beautiful setting and Shakespeare. This could define life.

Shakespeare Santa Cruz - One of the nation's best Shakespeare repertory company run by the very talented and quite charming Paul Whitworth. Please catch their winter production as well. Delightful "panto" shows for the whole family. You will laugh.

Ailsa Barrett - She is a friend who also happens to be a photographer and mosaic artist, mother, and an appraiser (somehow that all works).

Theatre Bay Area - Publication and hard working staff that bring a monthly magazine covering the Bay Area theatre scene. A must have source for any theatre professional or enthusiast. My personal thanks go out to Dale Albright, a gentleman and a helpful soul.

FREA - Foundation of Real Estate Appraisers. Good source for continuing education and errors and omissions insurance for real estate professionals.

Karen Mann, SRA, ASA, and IFA - I have known Karen for 20 years and you simply could not meet a finer person or a better appraiser. I refer any residential appraisal request that I cannot accept myself (timing or outside of my territory) to her company.

Julia Vander Wyk - Julia is an artist, avid bike rider and web designer who also loves to sing German Art Songs (possibly all at the same time). She does my graphics work and looks great in a hat plus she this thing for squirrels.

Melony Vance - She is a very special friend who owns a small, delightful book store in Southern California. If you hate the way bookstores have been taken over by larger corporations and you want to make a statement in support of community and small business then please use her store to order your books, or visit her store. She is a great source for a good conversation and reading recommendations, especially for children.

This list of links will grow so check back from time to time.